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Contemporary Lift Blends Into Retail Environment

A quality, contemporary store in Sloane Square sought an equally contemporary vertical platform lift, with polished stainless steel doors with glazed glass.  Simply Access installed this for their trade partner’s Higher Elevation.

  • University of London Vertical Platform Lift
    The installation of a bespoke vertical platform lift is complete and installed in position in the library of SAOS, University of London
    Contemporary Lift Blends Into Retail Environment
    Contemporary lift finished in polished stainless steel and glazed glass suits Sloane Square location
    Stylish Platform Lift Retail Store
    A bespoke two-stop vertical platform lift for Spanish clothing brand Mango's flagship store in Victoria.
    Lift for Listed Building; Vertical Platform Lift
    A Pitless Shaft Lift; Custom Made Options; Low Energy Consumption, Suited to Listed Buildings.
  • Vertical Platform Lift Care Home; with Cabin
    Versatile, Install Inside or Outside a Building; Low Energy Consumption; Customise with Ease
    Private Residence; Vertical Platform Lift with Low Walls
    Version of Vertical Platform Lift solving Space Problems in Lofts or in this case, a Rooftop Garden
    Private Residence; Low Rise Scissor Platform Lift
    The scissor-mechanism platform lift is ideal for low rise applications up to a maximum of 1.6 metres.
    Platform Lift Hospital; Curved Stairs
    Quiet, Comfortable Platform Stairlift for Curved Staircases; Very Compact when Space is Short
  • Platform Lift College; Gradient Changes
    Inclined Platform Lift for staircases with varying gradient; compact, stores away, quiet, top safety features
    Platform Lift Church, Old St Paul's, Edinburgh
    Incline Platform Stairlift which Negotiates Twists and Turns; Compact, Discreet and Quiet
    Vertical Platform Lift Hotel; Customised
    Versatility due to Pitless Shaft, Stylish, Modern Looks with So Many Customisable Options
    Vertical Platform Lift Residential
    This beautifully fitted out vertical platform lift is installed in a 3-floor residential house with concealing doors to suit the decor