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Wheelchair Platform Lift Specialists

We are known for our craftsmanship, attention to detail and problem solving, in addition to after sales service

    • Platform Lift for Turns & Gradients

      The ‘Logic’ wheelchair platform lift handles twists and turns and travels gradients with ease.

    • Wheelchair Lift Control Panel

      Designed for ease of use, the wheelchair lift control panel has a high quality finish.

    • Low Wall Platform Lift

      The low wall platform lift, a version of the through floor cabin lift, is used creatively on this hillside property.

Craftsmanship at its best installing wheelchair platform lifts from carefully sourced suppliers


We undertake tricky or non-standard lift installation projects and the more straightforward are completed with care.  The common factors are craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Word of mouth recommendations provide a steady flow of interesting projects and our excellent supplier relationships built on trust ensure total reliability.  We will not let you down.

Our after sales service is 100%.  Should a problem occur after the installation, we care.  And we know the job well enough to know what the problem could be.  And we’ll fix.

Simply Access is committed to the service they provide to solve disabled access problems and to remain totally committed to the project to completion and beyond.

Recent Projects

Engineering expertise and a flair for the bespoke means that a wheelchair platform lift solution can be found within our platform lift range; which is then customised to meet your exact need, no matter how challenging.

  • Stylish Platform Lift Retail Store
    A bespoke two-stop vertical platform lift for Spanish clothing brand Mango's flagship store in Victoria.
    Contemporary Lift Blends Into Retail Environment
    Contemporary lift finished in polished stainless steel and glazed glass suits Sloane Square location
    University of London Vertical Platform Lift
    The installation of a bespoke vertical platform lift is complete and installed in position in the library of SAOS, University of London
  • Special Design Lift Philpot Museum, Lyme Regis
    A custom design lift in the striking Philpot Museum with limited headroom
    Bespoke 6-stop for Bridport Old Library
    Two lifts; one specially designed with concealed door closers and custom designed panel attachments and a second 6-stop vertical lift
    External Wheelchair Platform Lift
    An external Wheelchair Platform Lift for the 7th Day Advent Church in High Wycombe
  • Lift for Listed Building; Vertical Platform Lift
    A Pitless Shaft Lift; Custom Made Options; Low Energy Consumption, Suited to Listed Buildings.
    Private Residence; Vertical Platform Lift with Low Walls
    Version of Vertical Platform Lift solving Space Problems in Lofts or in this case, a Rooftop Garden
    Private Residence; Low Rise Scissor Platform Lift
    The scissor-mechanism platform lift is ideal for low rise applications up to a maximum of 1.6 metres.