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Scissor Lift – Low Rise

The scissor lift is an ideal short rise solution for bypassing steps.

The scissor lift is so called because of its scissor mechanism which raises a single wheelchair or standing passenger up to a maximum of 1.6 metres. It provides access to mezzanine floors or other areas not at street level, where a straight or curved rail platform lift wouldn’t suit.

The scissor lift can be installed inside or outside buildings, within wall shafts or supplied with its own enclosures.  All enclosures meet the necessary safety standards and styling can suit the environment it is in, as shown in the example below.   Here, the enclosure is ornate ironwork which matches the surrounding Tudor style residences.  All controls are constant pressure for a gliding, smooth feel and are enabled by means of a removable key key-switch.

Low Rise Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift at a private residence, suiting its environment


Maximum load capacity 300 kg
Maximum travel 1600 mm
Platform dimensions min 900×1200/max 1200×1500
Power supply 230V – 50 Hz
Speed 0,05 m/s
Pit 215 mm
Electrical consumption 0,75 kW max
Installation Indoor/outdoor

The scissor lift is indicative of the passion that goes into the design and build of these lifts and we’re proud of our steady, long term relationship.  Extrema seek to overcome all architectural barriers and obstacles that prevent people with reduced mobility from moving around freely.  At Simply Access, we have the installation expertise and work with our supplier Extrema to produce the optimum solution to any one access problem.

Please take a look at our comprehensive brochures and specifications, listed by platform lift type.

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