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Platform Lifts

Platform lifts for wheelchair access are supplied as straight rail platform lifts or platform lifts that negotiate gradients and twists and turns.

Platform lifts are required to either travel in a straight line up a consistent gradient or travel around corners and adapt to changes of gradient.  Whichever need you have, Simply Access can supply and install a cost efficient platform lift solution.  Take a look at the very special features and benefits that come with a very high level of service.

Straight rail platform lift

A straight rail incline platform lift at Weymouth Youth Centre

Curved rail platform lift

Curved rail platform lift at Colbury Nursing Home

Platform lift deals with gradients

Platform lift deals with gradients at Henley College








All platform lifts come with high safety standards and features:

Feature Benefit
Compact unit with no motor drive on the lift Perfect when space is limited, easy stowage , quiet operation and comfort
IBS Independent Barrier arms System Non exit bar remains closed ensuring complete safety of passenger
Additional safety devices The lift stops if an obstacle is in its path
Built for reliability foremost Even the most challenging gradiated requirement is as safe as houses
Concealed barrier arms between carriage and platform when stowed Greatly reduces the need for expensive arm motor repairs or replacement
Wireless technology Provides extra flexibility as to where the call station is placed
Battery operated Continues to operate in the event of power failure
Minimal power consumption Eco friendly and cost efficient
Functional, safe, yet stylish & discreet Blends in well with its environment

It is unlikely that any platform lift installation is too complex.  Simply Access provide solutions, so even if you think a problem is insurmountable, it probably isn’t.  An example in case is Colbury Nursing Home.  They’d gone for many years being unable to find a solution to open up access to a further two bedrooms; it was very tight.  However, with some minor structural improvements to the wall, the SLIM incline platform lift (pictured above) was perfect for the tight turn and stores very neatly.  The control box was also hidden away.

Take a look at our comprehensive brochures and specifications, listed by platform lift type.

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