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Stairlift for curved stairs

A stairlift for curved stairs is presented with many challenges; it may be required to negotiate a twisting and turning staircase or one with varying gradients or both! Some staircases are wide, while others are very narrow and steep.

Our stairlift for curved stairs comes in the form of the Extrema SLIM, which is designed specifically for the challenging needs presented.  It is so called because it is the most compact inclined platform lift on the market. Unlike other products, the SLIM has no traction unit onboard, minimising the space occupied on the stairlift platform.

Compact, simple and elegant, combined with comfort, quietness of operation and advanced safety features, makes the SLIM a must have stairlift for curved stairs.

Top of class safety features include:

  • A series of devices which ensure it stops if the platform should accidentally encounter an obstacle on its path.
  • An IBS (independent barrier arms system) assures complete safety when leaving the lift because it guarantees that the bar on the other side remains closed.

Simply Access have successfully installed many stairlifts for curved stairs and are happy to provide expert advice.

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Stairlift for curved stairs

Platform lift to deal with gradients at Henley College

stairlift for curved stairs

Two tight turns required at Colbury Nursing Home & compact stowage







It is unlikely that any platform lift installation is too complex.  Simply Access provide solutions, so even if you think a problem is insurmountable, it probably isn’t.  An example in case is Colbury Nursing Home.  They’d gone for many years being unable to find a solution to open up access to a further two bedrooms; it was very tight.  However, with some minor structural improvements to the wall, the SLIM incline platform lift (pictured above) was perfect for the tight turn and stores very neatly.  The control box was also hidden away.

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